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I tried clear internet and what a nightmare this has been when I cancelled the service they didn't inform me there would be a 150.00 termination fee and they have charged this I am now over 200.00 indebt to clear and I have cancelled my service since November 3,2011 and its now dec. 9 and im still getting charged and cannot get anyone who will help me.

This is totally wrong what they are doing and I can't speak to anyone in that can help me I regret trying this company. I don't understand how these people can charge a cancel of contract fee if i never verbally agreed to any length of service nor did i sign anything.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Clear Wire - Clearwire SUCKS!!!!

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I have been a customer of Cleawire for 4 years now. I recently deployed to Afghanistan and called to have my account put on hold.

Well they didn't even help. While I have been out here they have charged my account every month since I have been gone and I keep calling every month to ask them what the problem was. After 6 months of being deployed they finally got the issue resolved. Well I hope they did.

I will find out next month. Plus they will not even reimburse me or the months they did charge me and I have order deploying.

How crazy is that. They are so not Military friendly.


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You are supposed to be able to cancel within 30 days and get your money back. I called and canceled within 1 week of receiving the modem.

Still haven't gotten my money back. They show I called to cancel but they didn't cancel it then. When I called back out of the 30 day window they showed I called but don't know it wasn't cancelled and claim that I need to pay early termination fee. I've called 5 times and they keep saying they'll take care of it and get back to me.

All I ever get is recorded messages that say their has been a change in my service and that I owe them money. I dread the phone calls I get from them daily. I doubt I'll ever get my $104.00 back. Can't get them to even send me a return label to ship back product.

VERY BAD customer service.

Every one I've spoken to can hardly speak English. I think their with al-Qaeda and trying to rip off Americans and drive us all crazy.

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Clear Wire - Clear-(company) Harassment for payment even though I have sent two checks to pay.

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Clear is the company. is the website.

The service is horrible. The internet connection works maybe 30% of the time. You call to complain and they say that they are working on it. It never gets better.

I have canceled the service. They sent me a bill even though I canceled. I have sent two checks to pay the balance. They call my cell day and night looking for payment.

They are harassing me even though I tell them that I sent two checks to the payment address provided by them.

The service is deplorable and the internet connection works 30% of the time.

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food for thought, if a company keeps calling you after you have told them not to call you anymore, warrents lawsuit for harrasment, weither you own them money its illegal after you tell them to stop (even with witness). Clear wire is the worst company i have ever to deal with. I am thinking you should contact a lawyer and sue the you knwo what out of them!

Clear Wire - Ripped of and burnt by Clear

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I own a cell phone store in the Nashville area. A while back a clear representative came in trying to sell me on becoming an authorized dealer. I agreed to meet with her and honestly her pitch sold me. There commission structure was one of the best I had seen, the upfront dealer costs of $1000 were cheap compared to other companies, a large percentage of that money went to purchasing promotional items, and she made the service sound solid.

One of the prerequisites of becoming a Clear dealer is that you have to purchase there service on a take 3 plan with a 2 year contract. I had no problem with this, if I am to sell there product I should be using it. I was told the service was unlimited with no cap in the 4G bandwidth. I was also told that if I wanted to buy out of my contract I would only have to pay 2 months of service.

After purchasing Clear, and becoming a authorized dealer I was pleasantly surprised with the service. My speeds were really fast, I was streaming full movies with no problems, and I was saving money since I was supplying Internet to my store and my home on the same plan.

After about a month of service I started to experience the nightmare of Clear. My speeds had dropped dramatically, and the service was unbearable. When it worked it would take minutes to open the simplest of pages. I remember one time where I timed it and it took 1 min 32 seconds to open Craigslist!

As a dealer I tried to contact a representative to find out what was happening with my account. For the life of me I could not talk to a customer representative. The first few times I called I gave up after waiting for about 45 minutes.

After finally buckling down, determined to talk to a rep, I finally reached one after being on hold for a hour and a half. After another half hour of being given the run around they finally admitted to throttling my speed. I was furious. When I tried to cancel my account I was told my termination fees were close to $300. Way more than my rep quoted me on.

The first month I had Clear my rep was helping me to sell it. I sold it to three customers before my account was throttled making back approximately half the money I spent to become a Clear dealer.

After my web was throttled I would no longer sell it to my customers. I actually had a few customers come in specifically to buy Clear and I talked them out of it. I make about $300 a customer that I am able to get on a 2 year contract. I threw this money away because I am a firm believer in believing in what you sell.

Also, at about the same time our account began to get throttled, the rep that sold us clear was laid off due to Clears massive cutbacks. The new rep that replaced her, I had never met.

Clear stole $1000 from me with false promises. Additionally they also are continuing to get $83 from me per month because I am unable to terminate the service. I have since wrote my rep and explained to him my opinions and in turn they terminated my dealer privileges. which is all in good as I would not sell there service anyway.

I keep the Clear sign in my store window so that if someone comes in inquiring about it I can save them the nightmare that is Clear. You would think that if there was any customer that they would not throttle it would be there dealers as they are representing them. However they lack the common business sense to do that.

Do yourself a favor, if you run into a salesman that is trying to sell you Clear, run as far aways as possible as fast as you can. They are a crook company that should not be allowed to continue to do business.

A actual ex-Clear dealer

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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As a regular user of clear, I had a very similar experience. They promise the world but can't live up to it.

I was told that they reserve the right to manage their network, this includes throttling your bandwidth if the tower is congested or they deem you to be an "excessive" user. They either cannot or will not delineate what "Excessive" means. Especially if you have an "Unlimited" account. I was told that the throttling takes place at the tower (so far as I can tell this is true) and that they have no control over it.

So, Clear, if you're listening, how does having no control over it constitute managing it?

I work from home a good part of the time and throttling me to below dial-up speeds is unacceptable. This is why we just fired your lame suck-a** service.

Clear Wire - Would'nt let me cancel service!!!

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Charged exorbitant penalties when I went to cancel service due to moving out of the area- to a location where they did not even offer service!

Extremely pushy saleswoman on the phone who wasted 45 minutes of my time, and still did not cancel my account because I hadnt returned equipment yet..Then she tried to sell me on clear service in my new location even though they dont nhave towers here yet. Then she tried to sell me DIRECT TV service! No prorata on cancellation fees either.

In summary unfair , bordering on unethical, sales tactics. A disgustingly unpleasant experience that no consumer should have to endure.

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Clear Wire - Clearwire

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clearwires service sucks not only that they are happy and quickly take ur money but getting ur money back is a long dragged out process with nothing but sorry's what does sorry do for me nothing just give me my money back and keep ur sorrys to urself. we had to canel our service do to it not working after a year and a half.

so why not give our money back for the service that we did not get. been on the phone with them now for 35 minutes and this is the 6th phone call to someone to resolve this issue

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Are we to actually feel sorry for this person who filed this report? The comment is misspelled.

It makes no sense whatsoever and his/her biggest gripe is that he/she waited on the phone for a 35 minutes? Oh the fast food society we live in. I'm surprised this person graduated high school.

It's no wonder they cannot figure out their internet service. Spoiled brat.

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